Product placements — can’t live with ’em, can’t seem to find any shows without ’em. But if you think primetime placement is obnoxious and overstated, behold the truly staggering placements on Days of Our Lives. Like sands through an hour glass, so are the delicious products of our lives… Here, have some fabulous Chex Mix! Let’s wrestle!

Oy. Maybe you’re just grumpy, because you don’t have Midol:

Are you feeling snackish? Perhaps you want some granola clusters:

Or some delicious, healthy Cheerios?

Here, have some Chinese food that, uh, comes in a bag:

If you can watch these and not think of Wayne’s World, I feel sorry for you. Now excuse me while I go drink some Pepto Bismol™ and barf. [via Urlesque and Kristen Schaal]