We all knew Boardwalk Empire was going to remind us a little bit of The Sopranos. They’re both shows about a New Jersey gangster with a messy love life, after all. But here’s something we didn’t expect: Boardwalk Empire is, in fact, every classic HBO TV series combined into one giant package. From period pieces like Deadwood and Rome to silly comedies like Entourage and Bored to Death, from the gritty realism of The Wire and Oz to the dark fantasy of Carnivàle and True Blood, there’s a little something from nearly every part of HBO’s history inside of Boardwalk Empire. Just consult our helpful visual aid below for a completely scientific analysis. (Click on the image to expand!)

(Designed by Jef Castro)

PopWatchers, did we miss anything? Where would you rather hang out: the boardwalk on Boardwalk Empire or the thoroughfare on Deadwood? Is it possible that all the HBO protagonists are actually related to one another? And do you realize that we’re just one inside-showbiz subplot away from The Comeback, Extras, The Larry Sanders Show, and Curb Your Enthusiasm? Come on, season 2!

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