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Image Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX; Jack Rowland/The CW; Quantrell D. Colbert/The CWAnother week, another batch of scoop, Roomies. Before we dig in, I want to say thanks to everyone who tweeted #SpoilerRoom since last week. Remember to continue sending over any burning questions about upcoming episodes of your favorite shows to @EW or @EWSandraG. Too shy, you say? Direct messages work, too. And now, without further ado…


On Nov. 16’s can’t miss episode, the race to rescue Tara continues, and Jax experiences doubts in his quest to retrieve Abel.


* Gemma goes to drastic measures to save baby Abel. In fact, even longtime Gemma fans might look at her a little different after this one.

* Jax makes a terrible mistake that costs lives.

* Someone does not make it out of the kidnapping situation alive. The answer might surprise you.

* @zsazsaZavia asked via Twitter: “Will Jax find out about Tara’s pregnancy from her or a 3rd party?” I can confirm he does find out next week…and it’s not from Tara.


Luc’s mother pops in for a visit, leaving lots of broken dishes and spirits in her path on the Nov. 15 episode.


* Luc’s mom puts the moves on two men. Both of them upset Nora.

* Someone gets fired.

* The names Captain Happy, Little Big Man, and The Magnificent Seven will work their way into Brothers & Sisters fan fiction for years to come.

* @rvictoria302 asked on Twitter if the nurse from last week was going to become a long-term love interest for Justin. Maybe the two non-medical professionals he makes out with in this episode can answer that…


On Sunday’s episode, Ray battles a stalker who makes anatomically correct voodoo dolls. You may become excited about this episode now.


* Someone quits their job.

* Jim Gaffigan does a mind-blowing guest spot as a therapist who is evaluating George.

* Love is in the air for two people. One romance is new, the other is old.


On the Nov. 17 episode, we flashback to the case that made Hank lose his job


* Following their breakup, Britt and Katie make a heartbreaking decision: Who gets Winston. Someone is left in tears (other than us, that is).

* We see Britt and Hank’s first meeting. (It will make you love them both even more.)

* Looking ahead to the Nov. 24 episode, the battle against the Zeitlin machine of evil will result in a jaw-dropping death and leave us worried about another person’s safety


@Kelly_OConnor asks: How long until we get back to the Darkseid plot on Smallville? That needs to ramp up soon, right?

For the answer to this one, we asked Lindsay Hartley — wife of Green Arrow Justin Hartley — who guest stars on tonight’s episode as the clawed (and crazy!) Mad Harriet. “There is a story of Darkseid coming, and that’s at the end of the [episode],” she teases. Send all thanks her way.

Kaitlin asks: Got anything on NCIS?

We do indeed: Ziva’s getting some competition! In next week’s episode, Israeli actress Sarai Givati guest stars in a two-part episode (the first half airs Nov. 16) as a Mossad officer who took Ziva’s place when she left to join NCIS. She comes to America to help track down an assassin and is pegged “new Ziva.” Explains Givati, “There’s a bit of tension there, and it gets to high levels. But there’s a good ending!” How good? Girl fight good.

Aimee asks: On Vampire Diaries, Alaric has been on Jenna duty and hasn’t been seen much in action this season. We miss him. When will he get to come out and play?

Mark Dec. 9 on your calendar. Go ahead, I’ll wait…. Okay, now read what executive producer Julie Plec tells us about this “little rendezvous” of bromantic proportions: “One of my favorite relationships on the show is Damon and Alaric and their buddy comedy shtick, and we get to see that in full effect in episode 11.” Plec also admitted that it has been a challenge finding a place for Alaric after the Isobel storyline came to a close last season. “His storyline was wrapped up for a while and it’s taken us longer than we wanted to jumpstart a new chapter for him. Hopefully, we’ll be able to crack that soon and really get to show him off, because we think he’s awesome.” Another reason to circle that date: There’s a full moon.

@killedthelights asks: Sadly, it looks like Baze is getting pretty serious with that Emma chick on Life Unexpected. Got any hope for us Cate/Baze fans? Any great moments coming up?

According to Lux herself, Britt Robertson, there’s always hope. “I think they are the type of people who will ultimately be together. Life just hasn’t thrown them in the right circumstances to make that happen.” Look out for major growth in episode 13, the last episode of the season (and most likely the series). “You’ll see that their relationship grows in epic proportions,” Robertson teased.

Mel asks: What do you have on Hot in Cleveland?

One word: proposal. Jane Leeves, who plays Joy on the TV Land sitcom, tells us the “offer” (um, how romantic) comes in the Jan. 19 season 2 premiere. In related news, have you seen the show’s impressive list of upcoming guest stars?

Julie (from New Orleans) asks: Is Memphis Beat going to continue filming in New Orleans? We love having them here!

Yes, though the show is looking to beat the heat by starting production on new episodes earlier in the year. DJ Qualls, who plays officer Davey Sutton on the cop show, tells us that they start filming new episodes in January after co-star Jason Lee “brought the hammer down” on the issue.

That’ll do it for this week, spoilerphiles. Keep tweeting those questions, and I’ll meet you here in the Room again next Friday.

(Additional reporting by Lynette Rice, Nicholas White, Mandi Bierly, and Carrie Bell.)

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