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Why won't Hollywood let Natalie Portman be funny? After twinkle-toeing in the forthcoming drama Black Swan — in which she plays a ballet dancer — the actress is ready to kick off her pointe shoes and have a beer, according to the L.A. Times. Portman and college buddy Laura Moses have been pitching a script that's being described as the female version of the epic juvenile-humored Superbad.

It's called BYO (an acronym for Bring Your Own) and follows two single (and so ready to mingle) ladies who decide to throw a party where every woman has to bring a single guy. Portman would star in it, of course, and Anne Hathaway is rumored to be interested in co-starring. But so far there's been no takers. If all fails, the project will likely be personally financed and pushed through independently. But really, why should it even come to that? The basic plot sounds like a winner to me. And its selling point also seems like a lay-up. Portman and (maybe) Hathaway telling dirty jokes and trying to hook up with guys? I'll take two tickets to that, please.

So what is it that Hollywood execs are balking at? Well, Portman's never written a full-length feature. (Though, if you remember, she does boast a writing credit for a short in 2009's New York, I Love You.) But  we've seen Portman be dirty(-mouthed) — and we like it. So I say give her a chance, H-wood! What do you guys think? Would you go see this movie?

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