Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen felt pressure to perform as one of Conan‘s first week guests, and we think it’s safe to say she produced. Watch their chat below. Conan starts by thanking her for not wearing pants. “It’s so great to be on television again,” he said. Then, Bowen insults fellow guest Michael Cera a couple times before admitting that she met him at an event when he was 14, walked up to him and said “I love you” in what she thought was a cool way, and he looked at her like she was old and decrepit. She saved the best story, about her twin 18-month-old boys, for last: She was doing laundry one day, turned her back, and, “The smart one had gotten the fat cute one in the dryer.” Naturally, Conan gives her grief for not having learned her children’s names and for her first instinct being to run to get her camera and take a photo. “You get fatty out!” Hilarious. This is how a talk show appearance is done.

P.S. The way she told that story, there is no one who could play Claire better than her. And it’s a shame Fatty (Gustav) and Smarty (John) aren’t a little older. They could’ve wreaked havoc as Lily’s preschool classmates.

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