Image Credit: Tim Whitby/Getty ImagesWhen "Breaking News," the first single from Michael Jackson's posthumous album Michael, hit the Web this week, some fans immediately began questioning whether it really featured Jackson's vocals. Now a lawyer for the late King of Pop's estate has responded to the rumors with a detailed account of the evidence that "Breaking News" is legit.

In a letter directed to fans and subsequently published online today, attorney Howard Weitzman says the estate contacted a long list of producers, engineers, and other collaborators who had worked with Jackson in his lifetime. All of them, he says, agreed that "Breaking News" and two other songs from the same 2007 sessions were indeed sung by Jackson. The estate and Sony Music also hired two forensic musicologists to compare the a cappella recordings with other known examples of Jackson's voice. They, too, certified the tracks. Finally, the letter states that Jackson soundalike Jason Malachi told the estate he had nothing to do with these songs.

"Sony decided that, given the overwhelming objective evidence resulting from the exhaustive investigations outlined above, they wanted to release a record that included three of [the 2007 recordings]—because they believed, without reservation, that the lead vocal on all of those tracks were sung by Michael Jackson," Weitzman writes. "Although there still seem to be concerns being expressed in some quarters about the authenticity of the lead vocals, notwithstanding the opinion of those who worked with Michael, and two independent forensic analysts, ultimately, Michael's fans will be the judges of these songs, as they always are. We take all fan comments very seriously, and as I'd stated above, there is nothing more important to the Estate than Michael's music, his legacy and his fans."

A representative for the Jackson estate noted that Weitzman's letter is not an official press release, but vouched for its authenticity. The full letter can be read after the jump.

What do you think? Does the letter convince you that Michael Jackson sang lead on "Breaking News"? Speak up in comments.

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