Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/ Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison has reportedly set veteran Sandler-ite Tim Herlihy (Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer) to pen an adaptation of the 2010 viral video short Pixels for the big screen. The short, by writer-director Patrick Jean, depicts an attack on New York City by a horde of candy-colored ’80s videogame characters that would be rather horrifying if it wasn’t so gosh darned adorable. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Happy Madison is hoping the feature version will be a kind of 21st century Ghostbusters, which is already as smart and welcome a concept as Sandler’s company has ever produced. Check out the original film and tell me you can’t see Sandler, Chris Rock, and Kevin James racing around Manhattan trying to fend off/escape Donkey Kong’s bounding barrels of doom:

Assuming companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Capcom would gladly let Hollywood have some fun with their iconic characters, what other sprite-ly videogame creatures — Mario? Sonic? Mega Man? Link? Pikachu? — would you like to see come to three-dimensional life?

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