Image Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW; Alan Zenuk/USA Network; Jiro Schneider; Lilja Birgisdottir Here at PopWatch, we're big on celebrating the unsung heroes of entertainment. (Exhibit A: We are the worldwide headquarters of the Jeremy Northam fanclub.) And it is in the spirit of our love of the always-a-bridesmaid, never-a-bride geniuses who always seem slightly in the shadow of their gargantuan bretheren in the biz that we launched our first annual Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year single elimination bracket game. That means that even though we're as in love with blogger and Survivor host Jeff Probst as any other warm-blooded human, today is about giving it up for Dancing With the Stars emcee Tom Bergeron and his ability to use that charming, self-aware sense of humor to keep us all from drowning in the raging sea of DWTS insanity. And sure, Jensen Ackles is as dreamy as Inception, but here we aim our lusty, open-mouthed panting toward his Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki. And while initially it might have seemed like something almost akin to ironic stunt-casting to have Michael Keaton appearing in major movies in 2010, his hip-to-be-square Ken doll voice in Toy Story 3 and scene-stealing role as the police chief in The Other Guys have us wishing more people were screaming "comeback" for Mr. Mom.

We know you understand, PopWatchers. All year long we talk about the under-appreciated gems filling our DVD players, DVR boxes, and iTunes queues. Well, now's your chance to step up and get behind the 2010 star you want to see wearing the Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year crown. Today, in the TV category, it's Padalecki trying to Psych out James Roday; in reality TV, Bergeron is looking to make trainer Bob Harper The Biggest Loser; for movies, it's Keaton taking on the always-great Stanley Tucci (Easy A); and in music, we have the brilliant, young, and eccentric Janelle Monáe ready to Go with Iceland's second-most famous musician, Jónsi (originally of Sigur Rós fame). Submit your round 1, day 4 vote after the jump and help propel one of these stars to the top of the heap … [sigh] if only for a day.

Image Credit: Macall Polay; Adam Taylor; Adam Larkey/ABC; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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