Channing Tatum, looking sufficiently hard-jawed, stars in this Roman period flick — based on Rosemary Sutcliff’s book Eagle of the Ninth — which follows a centurion who travels far and wide with his slave (played by Jamie Bell) in search of his legion’s token, a golden eagle. A few things: 1) My guess is his greatest foe will be this guy, 2) I’ve missed seeing Donald Sutherland on the big screen, and 3) Tatum and Bell’s slave-master relationship seems a bit dysfunctional, what with all the on-screen fighting. (Advantage: Bell. We know that he’s got quick feet. And that Tatum was already injured in a cringe-worthy way on the set.) See trailer after the jump.

Will you soar to the theaters to see The Eagle, PopWatchers?

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