Jeff Probst is a snuff-o-holic. He’s been snuffing since the summer of 2000. He’s snuffed from Africa to Aitutaki. But that’s what happens when you get paid to snuff torches, and Probst has now snuffed over 300 of them (with yet another one coming tonight on Survivor: Nicaragua). Tribal Council is his snuffing ground, and it got us thinking: With all the super-dramatic Tribal Councils Probst has seen up close and personal over the past 10 years, what stands as his ultimate favorite? I have to say, he chose quite a doozy, and the one that ranks as my personal fave as well. To see Probst’s pick, just check out the video player after the jump, and then stay tuned to also see his selections for the best Survivor challenge and maroonings ever. Do you agree with his choices? If not, then what are your favorites? Hit the message boards and let us know.

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