November 10, 2010 at 10:50 PM EST

Image Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty ImagesDeadline is reporting that director David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada) will helm One Chance, the story of unlikely Britain’s Got Talent winner Paul Potts. A cellphone salesman from Wales, Potts wowed notoriously crotchety judges Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan with his initial audition performance of “Nessun dorma,” and went on to win season 1 of the British reality competition in 2007 before embarking on a successful opera recording career. Cowell was originally slated to produce the film, but has since dropped out (he’s busy working on bringing X-Factor to America … and maybe a Susan Boyle biopic one day?).

While Potts and Boyle are undeniably talented, these “unlikely reality television success stories” drive me crazy — Look, it’s an older, conventionally unattractive person who can actually do something well! Does Potts’ story really deserve the feature film treatment? And how accurate to life will it be? It’s being described as a comedy, which may be the right move. I love a good underdog story, and am a total anglophile, so if One Chance becomes more of a Full Monty-esque tale, I could dig it.

Hopping back across the pond, is there any America’s Got Talent contestant whose life story you would like to see played out on the big screen? Recent finalist Jackie Evancho needs a few more years of life experience to warrant one, while winner Michael Grimm — whose grandparents lost their home after Hurricane Katrina — seems ripe for a major studio’s picking if they’re looking to bank on blubbering idiots like myself. But really, the obvious AGT choice would be Prince Poppycock — if only to gain some insight on his makeup and skincare regimen.

What do you think, PopWatchers: Is the life of Paul Potts the kind of underdog story you’d pay money to see? What other reality show contestants deserve their own films?

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