Image Credit: Art Streiber/TBS; Mitchell Haaseth/NBCAlthough Conan O’Brien and his new TBS show Conan is winning the ratings war so far, he’s getting killed in the search engine optimization war.

If you search “Watch Conan” on Google, the website for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show is the first result. See for yourself.

This could be a simple mistake, right? Maybe the web team just changed the name on the header of the website when the two hosts swapped places. But we here at PopWatch like conspiracy theories. After all, the search term “Conan Obrien” returns Leno’s site as the third result, and the search term “Conan O’Brien” returns it as the sixth. Is NBC holding onto O’Brien’s web traffic and characters?

PopWatchers, what do you think is going on here? Does Google’s search algorithm have a sense of irony?

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