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Image Credit: FoxI know high school is cruel and no one wants to do anything to make themselves a target, but how could no one walking the McKinley High halls who saw bully Karofsky shove Kurt against the lockers hard enough to make him fall to the ground NOT stop and at least ask Kurt if he’s okay? Isn’t that a human reflex when you see someone fall? It wasn’t like Karofsky was standing over Kurt, so people had to worry about him pounding on them. McKinley High clearly runs on fear — Puck intimidated classmates out of $300, really? — but watching this was soul-crushing. I get that that’s the point: We need to feel Kurt’s isolation. But I don’t want to hate everyone at McKinley High.

This goes back to the discussion we were having yesterday, after Madonna suggested on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that to stop bullying, people should walk away from someone when they’re spreading gossip. If you stand idly by and listen (or watch) in silence as someone tears another person down, you’re condoning it. There should be people other than Kurt and his new friend Blaine (swoon) telling Karofsky it’s not okay. The strongest people in high school are the ones who walk down those halls knowing they’re going to be teased. The second strongest are those who try to stop that from happening.

Update: A source tells EW someone else will come to Kurt’s defense in the Nov. 23 episode.

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