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November 10, 2010 at 04:38 PM EST

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Fringe fans craving even a small glimpse into the future that is tomorrow night need not break into Walter Bishop’s Harvard lab and switch on his high-tech AlternaWorld-o-Vision to do so … especially since it wouldn’t work, because it peeks into parallel worlds, not the future. I mean, duh! (Damn how this show inspires me to the most convoluted sentences.) Just look at the photo at right. Walter Bishop and Nina Sharp are reading a note. Context? All I know is what I was told by the bald guy with hot sauce stains on his suit who dropped the photo off at my office: “On a rare visit to the Harvard campus, Nina and Walter take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the good ol’ days when they let curiosity be their guide. This leads to a discussion about Peter’s ongoing investigation (much to Walter’s dismay) about that doomsday machine …” (My source — usually more of a strong, silent type — was in an uncommonly chatty mood, so I’m very appreciative for his scoop!)

I know, know. Your mind: Buh-lowwwwn. But quick! Scrape your bloody gray matter off the wall and remold it into the high-powered theory-making super-computer it once was because I would like to play a game with you. The piece of paper that Walter is reading: What’s on it? Here are your options. I am told that one of these answers is actually correct.

Provocative possibilities! Fringe fans should be able to see the plausibility — or the humor — in all of them. After you vote, scroll down and offer your own guess of the exact message on the paper — word for word. It could be a legit speculation; it could be your own stab at Fringe humor. Think of it was Matchgame or The New Yorker’s cartoon caption context, Fringe style. Finish the sentence: “The note says, … [Fill in the blank.]” The best guesses — as voted on by a select group of Fringe fans here on staff at EW (or just me) — will get a shout-out in tomorrow’s “On The Fringe” column, in which I’ll have some exclusive scoop on the episode. Until then: Your best guess — GO.

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