November 10, 2010 at 05:13 AM EST

An unexpected bicker-fest between Carrie Ann Inaba and Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Monday may have prompted some viewers to vote for Brandy’s ouster but the former star of UPN’s Moesha wasn’t the one who left Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday. To find out who became the eighth eliminated hoofer, head to the jump!

Image Credit: Adam Lakery/ABCKurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya earned 48 out of 60 points after performing the waltz and an impressive (and instant!) cha cha cha, but it wasn’t enough to convince voters that the former Cardinals quarterback should stick around the dance floor. “Gosh it was unfair, man!” Warner told reporters afterwards in mock indignation. But he quickly turned serious. “I think we all feel it’s unfair when we get kicked out. We all felt for a long time that we should have gotten better scores than we did, so you’re disappointed and we’re all biased.

“Again, we know there are so many things that go into this,” Warner continued. “I get to this point and I’m just glad it’s me and it’s not one of these other guys. I don’t want anybody to have to go home because everybody’s worked so hard. So the great thing for me is that I came on this show to have a great time and to have a great experience. Winning wasn’t even a part of why I did this show. So, it’s pretty easy for me to walk away with the great things I acquired on this show.”

And what would those great things be, Mr. Warner? “I think the biggest thing I learned was that for so long I played football, and I was good at it. And then I retired, and now it’s like `Oh my gosh. What’s next? Can I do anything else and can I do anything else well?’ This show was all about that. It was about jumping into new challenges and proving to yourself that you can accomplish things that no one else thought you could accomplish. For me, that’s what life is going to be about from here on out.

“There’s nothing else I’m really good at,” Warner continued. “So I’m going to have to acquire those things, just like I did with football so many years ago.”

Ever the graceful loser, Warner wouldn’t even acknowledge whether he felt some consolation for outlasting the Lakers guy (that would be Rick Fox for those of you not following along at home). “This isn’t really about competition. This is about a bunch of people who chose to take on a challenge and are willing to accept whatever comes with that. We’re all proud of one another. Everyone is in the same boat. If we all started at the same level, if we were all really good at this, it would be a competition. But because we are all in the same boat and we don’t know what we’re doing, it’s more about cheering for one another, building those relationships and enjoying watching other people do the same thing you are trying to do. It really isn’t about who you beat or what place you get.”

That said, Warner does have an idea of who he thinks should take home the mirror ball trophy.”If it comes down to dancing, Jennifer or Brandy. They were the ones who came in with the most experience, who have danced the most consistently. So they gotta be the frontrunners. But the great thing is, Kyle has a chance because he is a tremendous entertainer and a big part of this is entertainment. I love Bristol, I think she’s done tremendously well and I’m probably as proud of her as anybody who was on the cast. But I think Jennifer and Brandy and the little guy will be in the finals.”

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