November 10, 2010 at 03:09 PM EST

Image Credit: X17online.comCongratulations to Dakota Fanning, who last weekend was named homecoming queen at Campbell Hall Episcopal High in North Hollywood. It was hardly a surprise, as the actress also won the honor last fall as a junior. I have no doubt that Fanning, who by all accounts is a friendly, outgoing, considerate young woman, had plenty of earnest support among her classmates, but I can’t help but sympathize for her female rivals in the homecoming court. They never stood a chance. I blame the boys actually. Just look at the grin on her king, Henry Aleck. Every aspiring candidate for king had to consider the obvious: “I can vote for my sweet girlfriend of three years as queen and share a special moment if we’re both crowned, or I can anonymously vote for the world-famous actress and maybe have my face seen by millions of people around the globe.” What a dilemma! Actually, not really. Maybe next year, ladies?

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