November 10, 2010 at 04:55 PM EST

Image Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesMusic icon Cher addressed quite a few buzzy topics in her recent cover profile in Vanity Fair—subjects ranged from the demise of her relationship with former (and now deceased) husband Sonny Bono and her son Chaz’s sex change to working with pop star Christina Aguilera in the upcoming, to-be-released-on-Thanksgiving movie Burlesque. But one particular point Cher made in the piece stopped me in my tracks—the star thinks she and Sonny have been overlooked for inclusion in one of music’s most coveted groups: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“Sonny and I still aren’t in the [Rock and Roll] Hall of Fame, and it just seems kind of rude,” Cher said. “Sonny was a good writer, and we started something that no one else was doing. We were weird hippies before there was a name for it, when the Beatles were wearing sweet little haircuts and round-collared suits…. We influenced a generation, and it’s like: What more do you want?”

It’s an interesting point, right? And honestly, one that I’ve never thought about too much when it comes to discussions around who is being snubbed from being nominated into the group. What do you think, Music Mixers? Does Cher have a point? Or have all those sequins over the years made her delusional on this subject? Were Sonny and Cher influential—and rock and roll—enough to warrant being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so sound off in the comments below.

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