It’s been like 15 years since I watched The Young and the Restless (save for Slezak’s cameo), but visiting my mother who was watching yesterday’s episode on SOAPnet late last night, I happened to walk into the room right as Eric Braeden’s Victor arose from pretending he was dead to grab Sean Young’s murderous con artist Meggie by the hair (pictured). That was enough to stop me where I stood, but then it turns out that Meggie’s plan to marry and kill Victor was thwarted by an old, mute man named Murphy who tapped it out in Morse code. BRILLIANT. I sat down. Then Nikki, who’s in rehab because Meggie was putting alcohol in her tea to get her off the wagon so she could make her move on Victor, saw the wedding photo Meggie put on “Faceplace,” and decided to sleep with fellow patient Deacon. (According to my mother, Deacon is only after Nikki for her money.) Well, Victor came to visit Nikki and caught them together in bed. She tried to tell Victor that she loved him, to which he replied, “I don’t give a damn! I don’t give a damn!” And then, in what has got to be one of Braeden’s best exits in his long, illustrious career, he told her, “Never will I lay hands on you again.” You’ll want to watch those scenes here.

Does Eric Braeden wear that badass black leather jacket frequently? I may start DVRing. The man still has it. And now, I’m old enough to appreciate it.