A new trailer for TRON: Legacy has surfaced and I have to say it looks pretty damn cool. For the most part, anyway. I was a little skeptical about the idea of rebooting a franchise that tanked so epically the first time around, but after seeing all the gee-whiz glow-in-the-dark f/x and hints at a plausible father-son story, I think I might be won over. The big-budget Disney flick doesn’t open until Dec. 17, but the new trailer should be enough to satisfy the nerd-herd for the next month or so — thanks especially to the film’s Star Wars-y action scenes and ominous lines like: “The Grid: a place of infinite possibility.” Give the clip a ride after the jump.

Actually, the only part of the whole enterprise that gives me pause is the digitally rejuvenated Jeff Bridges. I’m all for the scenes of ‘The Dude’ in a Karl Marxian grey beard, but I’m not so sure about scenes that try to make him look the way he did in the 1982 original. There’s something slightly off about them in a creepy sort of way — Bridges looks like he just stepped out of The Polar Express. But that’s a quibble. For the most part, this seems like something worth getting geeked up about.

What you think, PopWatchers?

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