Image Credit: Neil Jacobs/CBSHawaii Five-0 is really a stealth remake of Miami Vice.Vice was a dynamite cop show, but it was also an Esquire-style guide to enjoying the good life: fast cars, loud music, cool gadgets, good friends, and beautiful women. But don’t forget about the finer things in life, children. While undercover in an art gallery, Chin Ho noted with some pride, “This is a Clifton Bowles original.” Kono was all like, “Um, nuh-uh, dude.” Chin Ho: “You don’t believe me? Bing it.” And she did! She spent five minutes using her smartphone to Bing that piece of modern art! Question: Does this mean that the cops on this show are too cool for Google, or does this mean that Hawaii Five-0 takes place in a universe where Google never existed? Spooky.

Don’t worry, despite his slavish addiction to Microsoft’s search engine, Chin Ho still waves around his iPad every chance he gets. That’s a good thing, because last night’s vengeance-themed episode was a low-scoring night for us Bingo players. Five-0’s overweight buddy was morally ambiguous again. Even though Danno technically committed the police brutality, any judge in the world universe would indict Steve as an accomplice. Also, I realize Grace Park’s art-gallery dress wasn’t really “skimpy,” but this is CBS, so I’m counting it. Click forward for this week’s Bingo!

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