Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


Maks’ buns ***and possible thong*** —avab, silentj, yummy, dzzld, Mindy, duranmom, omg.., Becky, maximum maks, kai, Karikata, Stephanie M., Addison, Raychel, Kelli

Enthusiastic Bongo Gentleman in a baseball cap?! —’s Fringe Fairy / “Bongo Guy chewing gum (or wiping his nose?) and suddenly realizing he was on during the intro!” —WilStuart, A

“Enthusiastic Chimes Lady: not so enthusiastic this week. Had a bit of intensité to her!” —Addison, Anthony

“I think Jamie Lee Curtis has surpassed ECL as the most enthusiastic on DWTS. EAL! (Enthusiastic Activia Lady)” —Hez, endorsed by duranmom, jasmine, Verity, avab, Julia, LAG Award Winner, Manda, SueB, Zach

“I’m nominating Princess Sparkle. After weeks of having her forehead jewels ignored, she made it clear that we all need to remember who is the Queen Bee of the Harold Wheeler Ensemble by wearing a dress pattered like honeycomb.” —Amy, endorsed by Rebecca, glenn, KelbelDance, TeoNYC

“Is that a very thin Lorenzo Lamas in the crowd?” —CoolWhipLite, endorsed by Lorie, duranmom, Beverley, Beatrice

The redhead sitting behind Kyle’s folks is a dead ringer for Chelsea Clinton.” —avab, endorsed by duranmom, gigi, Karen

“Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, Hide yo bunnies! Glenn Close/Cruella DeVille is in the ballroom!” —Susan, endorsed by LAG Award Winner, avab, gigi, CoolWhipLite, Beatrice.

“She had the essence of Glenn Close, but, unfortunately, the execution of Phyllis Diller.” —Karen, Zach

“The guy to Tom’s right didn’t realized that he was on camera….he couldn’t believe Kurt and Anna didn’t know the song ‘Hella Good'” —IAA Jennifer

“Lacey kinda looks like an old-fashioned Madame Alexander doll. I had an Irish-themed one that looked just like her!” —CoolWhipLite

“Not necessarily a gem, but a crazy costume submission. Lacey’s green dress reminded me of Carol Burnett’s Scarlett O’Hara’s curtain rod gown.” —MNBonnie, endorsed by duranmom

“Mark and Bristol, in the back of the celebaquarium during the first couple of scores, looked like an undertaker and his wife.” —Iris

“What the heck is with the dining room setup behind Kyle when he talks?” —Addison

“Two blonde ladies behind Tom were very happy to be on screen, although one had to work to be visible.” —Patrycja, endorsed by ChaCha and Mandie

“Uncle Junior Soprano, after being blocked out of being on-camera by Tom, gets up and out of his chair to peer over Tom’s shoulder.” —Kevin M. Kawa

“Jerry Rice wearing Tony’s rumba shirt from season 8.” —Manda

(Fringe Fairy also loves the ESPN-esque DWTS logo!)

“When Kyle and Lacey went backstage after their jive to get scores, Kyle did a not-so-subtle adjustment of his pants, liiiiiiiiiive!” —Tay, endorsed by Baby’s Corner, Hidden Gemz

“Carrie-Ann’s awe-struck face when Len wanted stronger leg action from Kyle’s Jive after Carrie-Ann criticized Brandy’s neck (?!). Carrie Ann: Pot. Kettle. Black.” —Corran

“Todd Palin giving Kyle a standing ‘O’ but not his own daughter” —christine

“Carrie Ann pumps her arms up in what I can only imagine was the ‘WE MUST, WE MUST, WE MUST INCREASE OUR BUST!’ exercises that Margaret and her friends did in Are You There, God? It’s me, Margaret.” —Zoot Suit, endorsed by Manda

“When they came back from a commercial break and Brooke was talking about how hard the couples were working on their insta-dance, they were showing a quad box (thank you Fios Red Zone) and two of the studios were empty!” —MLM

“They looked to me like padded cells in an insane asylum, except instead of the padded walls they were red-curtained walls. I just couldn’t decide if the patients were forced to dance constantly, or if that was the manifestation of their insanity.” —Katja

I messed up a screengrab and mined perhaps the ultimate hidden gem: the illusion of wiggling fingers crying for help under the asylum floor. Agggggghhhh! —’s Fringe Fairy

“Three lonely (shag???) pillows on the black couch in the Celebriquarium during Derek’s & Jennifer’s Instant Dance scores. No one’s hugging them!” —LAG Award Winner

“The two vacuum cleaners over Kurt’s left shoulder in his interviews.” —Marimbist

“Finally got a close-up look at Kurt’s “Kurtanna” shirt and loved that the peacock was wearing a football helmet!” —pancake

“Anna’s blink-and-you-missed-it sticking out the tongue at the camera after she and Kurt stood there all serious before their first dance. I just want to hang out with her.” —Ms. Dipesto

“Did Lacey make a “so-so” hand movement at the end of Anna & Kurt’s instant dance?” —orville, endorsed by Beatrice, Rocker Chick

“Anna ‘shushing’ Brooke after her and Kurt’s instant dance so they could get their scores. I’ve wanted to shush Brooke for weeks!” —Susan

“The TLC logo on Todd Palin’s sleeve during Bristol’s rehearsal footage. Just a helpful reminder that daddy will be a TV star too.” —Is that a Mirrorball in your pocket?

The lady with orange hair sitting in a wheelchair next to the judges looked like “an intergalactic Sharon Osbourne”….or elderly Wilma Flinstone, Judy Jetson, Lucille Ball, etc. —Zach, Xorp, Lorie, iggy, Kittyvan, Heathermsc, Anthony, bouionice, 2nd Graders, Miss S, glenn, Robin

“Golf wear guy – the camera hit on him 2 or 3 times. Did he think he was going to a tournament?” —Iris, endorsed by gigi, Chica, Rebecca

“Camera zoom showed us that Maks was wearing his turquoise v-neck t-shirt inside out.” —Patrycja

“Oooh, neat teepee effect with the lights just before Maks & Brandy’s dance!” —orville, endorsed by Katja, IAA Jennifer

“Were Maks and Brandy dancing in the Fortress of Solitude?” —KWo

“I vote Maks’ white ensemble as a hidden gem if only because it conjures up thoughts of our future wedding.” —Freakinfatone, endorsed by CoolWhipLite

“Lace on the center screen for the Brandy and Maks dance…fancy.” —Karikata

“Maks scratching his crotch during interview with Brooke. Doesn’t he know that’s MY job?” —volunteer, endorsed by Karikata, Larry9362

“Two girls on the end of the row were leaning over super far so they’d be in frame. HOWEVER while the one on the end was smiling…the one next to her A) looked like Blossom and B) had the weirdest DUH look on her face. Very Skeet Ulrich. It was like she was trying to be a Hidden Gem.” —IAA Jennifer

“Brandy’s blue pants make it look like Princess Jasmine got mauled by her tiger.” —kt

“The woman behind Jennifer Grey’s daughter looked like Dr Ruth. (Am I dating myself by using that reference?)” —K2

“Bristol looked like she was nodding off during Maks response after getting their scores for the second dance.” —Verity

“Lacey’s ‘eesh’ face at the end of Maks’ rant.” —TeamAnna, Zach, Alexei

I loved this jaunty kick from Tom! —’s Fringe Fairy

LIFE-AFFIRMING GEM (LAG) Good work, gumshoe!

“Could this be my first HIDDEN GEM sighting?? Every so often during Kurt & Anna’s InstaDance, the red spotlights would hit Anna’s face just right and it would look like her whole head had gone supernova.” —one tiny mirror, endorsed by A, Jamie0415, Karen, Hez, MLM, Tay

Thank you, DNCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions!

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