By Annie Barrett
Updated August 03, 2020 at 06:16 PM EDT

Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After an hour full of waiting, more waiting, Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice’s Dance Center, and waiting, the couple eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Week 8 is….[bum-bum…bum-bum]…coming up, after the break!

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya.

“You really are an American idol,” Bruno told Kurt, in a nice plug for another network.

Carrie Ann and Maks continued to bicker like children.

Come back later for my full results-show recap [UPDATE: Annie’s full recap is liiiive, so click here to read it!]; in the meantime, appraise the finest collection of reader-submitted ridiculata in all the virtual land…Your Hidden Gems of Week 8! Here’s a taste…

Maks’ buns ***and possible thong*** —avab, silentj, yummy, dzzld, Mindy, duranmom, omg.., Becky, maximum maks, kai, Karikata, Stephanie M., Addison, Raychel, Kelli

“Three lonely (shag???) pillows on the black couch in the Celebriquarium during Derek’s & Jennifer’s Instant Dance scores. No one’s hugging them!” –LAG Award Winner

“Could this be my first HIDDEN GEM sighting?? Every so often during Kurt & Anna’s InstaDance, the red spotlights would hit Anna’s face just right and it would look like her whole head had gone supernova.” –one tiny mirror, endorsed by A, Jamie0415, Karen, Hez, MLM, Tay

Complete gem heap here.

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