In case you missed it, Jimmy Kimmel recently called for Nov. 17 to be National UnFriend Day (NUD), a day on which Facebook users are encouraged to “unFriend” people who aren’t actually their friends. Watch his two-part pitch below. “Remember five years ago when nobody was on Facebook and you didn’t know what the guy you took high school biology with was having for lunch? Remember how that was totally fine? Let’s go back to that,” he says.

Kimmel makes a valid point on one hand: A friend is someone to whom you’d loan $50. But on the other, with Facebook’s current design, don’t you really have to go to someone’s Facebook page to be annoyed by how frequently they post with their flimsy news judgment? Maybe it’s because I only check Facebook every few days, but I’m not bombarded with that information. In fact, I’m always missing things friends post (then again, is that because I have “friends” taking up their space in the feed?).

What’s your current rule for “Friending” on Facebook? Is Kimmel’s National UnFriend Day the excuse you’ve been waiting for to make your list leaner? Or would you be confident enough to do that any day of the year? (It’s not like that person gets sent a message notifying them you’re no longer friends.) For the record: I don’t seek out high school classmates, but if one of them “friends” me, I accept. In my experience, it’s one message exchange, tops, and then it’s back to mutually unobtrusive radio silence. Of course, then you do get Facebook suggesting other classmates you should friend, and when you decide not to take it up on its offer, you realize those people are most likely seeing your name and making the same decision. That, I can live with. It’s when Facebook suggests that I should friend the two guys who bullied me in high school that I have a problem. My MacBook Pro has definitely heard about that.)

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