Did we need to see Dina Lohan interviewed again on Today this morning? No. (Should the show stop calling her? Probably.) But after watching Matt Lauer’s latest sitdown with her, we’re allowing ourselves renewed hope that Lindsay Lohan is finally getting the help she needs. Dina began by praising the Betty Ford Center, where Lindsay is undergoing court-appointed rehab until Jan. 3. She says Lindsay is “happy,” “relaxed,” and “just a different person” there. Asked if she thinks this rehab stay will produce different results for Lindsay, Dina gave the only reasonable answer: “We take it one day at a time. Addiction is difficult. I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball. I pray hard.”

Dina said Lindsay wants to complete her full sentence at Betty Ford because she’s learning to recognize and live with her addiction’s trigger points. She’s allowed out for things like supervised shopping excursions, so she can learn to deal with those triggers with the Center’s safety net behind her. Dina said she doesn’t read gossip, so she couldn’t comment on the report of an emotional reunion between Lindsay and her father, Michael, yesterday. “But whatever the facility wishes for her, it’s all about Lindsay and her healing,” Dina said, who winced through mentions of her ex, but acknowledged that having a healthier relationship with her father would help Lindsay.

Dina said that Lindsay hopes to help others through her own very public ordeal and by eventually starting her own facility to help children and families with addiction. That’s all well and good. But while Dina handled herself well on Today, we can’t help but feel Lindsay and her family should just be focusing on helping Lindsay. It’s a lot easier to ask the press for privacy upon Lindsay’s release (when she’ll need it) when you haven’t been feeding them updates during her stay. Dina brought good news, but no news might be better.

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