In case you haven’t been keeping track, it has been nine and a half long months since we last watched Conan O’Brien from the comfort of our own sofa and footie pajamas. After his fallout with NBC — and the endless promotion of his new show Conan from TBS — it’s understandable that O’Brien wants everything about tonight’s premiere to be just perfect. Ever the true team player, Coco is not above carrying out the most minute details himself, even if that means getting his pretty white pants a little dirty. (White after Labor Day? For shame, Coco.) After the jump, watch Sir Conan, man of the people, travel to India to haggle with fabric sellers and trade gossip with local women in a new ad for American Express. Considering tonight’s first guest might be the curator of a nutcracker museum, this doesn’t seem too far off from what we can expect from the new Conan, right?

Oh, how I’d love to stroke those ginger locks, PopWatchers. Are you hoping for more Conan AmEx adds to come? What are the odds that Coco will keep on rocking the relaxed-fit facial scruff on his new show? And most importantly, will you be staying up late to watch tonight’s debut of Conan?

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