For the second consecutive year, Will Ferrell topped Forbes Magazine‘s list of Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Actors. For every dollar Ferrell was paid to appear in live-action films, those films earned $3.35. In the comic’s defense, Forbes didn’t include his hit comedy The Other Guys in its tabulations (only films released before June 1 were considered). Ferrell was handicapped by films like last year’s expensive flop, Land of the Lost, and other comedians also struggled as their films don’t fare as well abroad as they do in the United States.

1. Will Ferrell ($3.35)

2. Eddie Murphy ($4.45)

3. Denzel Washington ($5.10)

4. Seth Rogen ($6.75)

5. Tom Cruise ($7.20)

6. Drew Barrymore ($7.45)

7. Matt Damon ($8.30)

8. Vince Vaughn ($8.35)

9. Adam Sandler ($8.45)

10. Jim Carrey ($8.60)