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Oh God. Marie Claire has produced this heinous damage-control (?!) video about Project Runway‘s season 8 winner, Wretchin’ Gretchen Jones. A moment ago I couldn’t decide if I should protect you, fellow Season 8 Support Group members, or fulfill my inherent duty as a blogger to post one of the most obnoxious clips I’ve ever seen. Well, I got over it! Who says Halloween is over? Kick off your weekend right with this complete horror show….

She once dated Emilio Estevez? JUST KIDDING? What the hell is happening here???

Which part of this video do you find most perplexing, PopWatchers? I’m going with either the rainbow of feathers to signify a cockfight or the question of why anyone would want to foist upon us the visual of Gretchen getting in on in a Burger King!

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Hell to the No!

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