Image Credit: Greg Williams Will the MGM merger save 007? Not so fast, Mr. Bond. Just because MGM’s creditors approved a merger with Spyglass Entertainment last week — and The Hobbit got a green light a few weeks before that — doesn’t mean 007 is racing back to screens in 2012, as some reports have suggested. In April, London-based EON Productions announced it was “indefinitely” suspending production on the next James Bond film because of “continuing uncertainty” surrounding MGM. Now there’s a bit more certainty — as Bloomberg reported, MGM has been talking to possible co-financiers — but other issues make an immediate start date impossible, like the fact that Daniel Craig is in Sweden shooting The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and is signed for two more Dragon films. Sam Mendes might still be available to direct, although he may be busy producing four Shakespeare films for the BBC.

And then there’s the question of who will distribute the next 007 movie. Sony handled the last two, but the merger puts the rights back in play. All of which means James Bond probably won’t return until at least 2014.

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