The Farrelly brothers’ Hall Pass clip just hit the webs, and now we’ve got the trailer for Adam Sandler’s new movie Just Go With It. It’s quite the day for middling comedies that land in theaters in February! And serendipitously — or not? — Just Go With It runs in the same vein as Hall Pass. That is to say, both are romance and comedy focused, but not typical rom-coms — they’re both much more of the dude variety.

While Hall Pass features two married men (Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson) getting a free week from matrimony to do whatever they want, Just Go With It focuses on a single guy (Sandler) whose schtick for picking up the ladies is to pretend he’s married, wedding band and all. It’s a tactic that seems to work, until he meets a girl he actually likes (Sports Illustrated swimsuit pinup, Brooklyn Decker), takes off the ring, wines and dines her to great success, and then … she finds the ring. Oops! Which leads Sandler’s character to enlist his friend — played by a frumpy-ish Jennifer Aniston — to act like his soon-to-be ex-wife, to prove he’s not a lowlife. (How would that ever really work? Oh wait, this is Hollywood!) It spirals from there: Aniston gets a slammin’ makeover, a low-brow penis joke unfurls, and the smokin’ hot Decker emerges from the ocean clad in a tiny bikini. Dude-ish dudes are gonna love this trailer! Watch it here:

Will you go see Just Go With It when it hits theaters Feb. 11?