Rihanna is one busy bee. Right after appearing on Saturday Night Live this weekend, she popped up on last night’s U.K. edition of The X Factor.

Herperformance of current hit “Only Girl (In the World)” on X Factor bested the SNL version for a few reasons. Most important was the sound mix: SNL‘s was as perversely muddy as it is for most musical guests, while X Factor actually made it possible to hear the synth stabs that are this song’s reason for being.

Also, Rihanna got caught up in a food fight on X Factor. She was performing on some sort of banquet-table set; about halfway through the song, her backup dancers started hurling baked goods at one another. It was pretty entertaining. Watch the clip after the jump, where the chaos starts about halfway through.

Which “Only Girl” performance did you like better, SNL or X Factor? Let us know in comments.

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