Image Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Sylvain Gaboury/PR PhotosJustin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, and Olivia Wilde are already starring in Andrew Niccol’s upcoming sci-fi film NOW (which was titled I’m.Mortal until the marketing department stopped laughing and got serious for a second). Now, Deadline reports that the cast’s Hot-o-Meter has just moved from “atomic bomb” to “universe-devouring supernova,” with news that I Am Number Four breakout Alex Pettyfer and White Collar star Matthew Bomer will also be acting in the dystopian drama. (Fox confirmed Pettyfer’s and Bomer’s casting to EW.) Combined with a nifty premise — in the future, people can live forever, but time itself becomes a currency to prevent overpopulation — Now looks like it might be the Andrew Niccol comeback that I (and maybe five other people on earth) have been waiting over a decade for.

Let me explain. Niccol had a kind of mini-Charlie Kaufman moment in the late ’90s, when he wrote and directed the twisty Gattaca and earned an Oscar nomination for writing The Truman Show. Niccol seemed to have a totally unique voice — sci-fi allegory, media satire, a nice intermixing of comedy and romantic melodrama. Unfortunately, his next movies were S1m0ne (featuring a way-overheated Al Pacino) and Lord of War (featuring a not-overheated-enough Nicolas Cage).

I’m hoping that NOW (or whatever it’s called by the time it’s finally released in 2012) is the Gattaca follow-up we’ve been waiting over a decade for. PopWatchers, are you excited by all this new casting news? If Bomer, Pettyfer, Timberlake, Wilde, and Seyfried all appear in the same shot, will it cause movie screens to spontaneously combust? Am I the only Andrew Niccol connoisseur in the world?

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