In the months since Tom Six unleashed his freakish horror film Human Centipede — in which a crazy German surgeon stitches together three unfortunate souls to make (bingo!) a human centipede — we’ve seen all manner of unauthorized spin-offs and items of general weirdness. There’s been the Human Centipede video game, the Human Centipede foot tattoo (well, technically, “feet tattoo,” I guess), the House/Human Centipede 2 parody poster, the Human Centipede cat toy, and of course, the inevitable Human Centipede sock monkey.

In fact, it is tempting to accuse the team over at Funny or Die of outrageous slow-pokery, given that they’ve only just gotten around to delivering a Centipede-oriented sketch. But I’m not going to do so, because the skit — which you can watch below — is too darned funny. But be warned: It’s also pretty darned disgusting.

Check it out and tell us what you think. Does it have you in, uh, stitches? And are you looking forward to Six’s sequel, The Human Centipede (Full Sequence), which he has said will make the original look like My Little Pony (and which IFC recently picked up for distribution)?

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