Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Image Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesCelebrities dress up for Halloween just like the rest of us. Except if you’re Heidi Klum and Seal. Then you dress up for Halloween like it’s the most important thing ever and seriously go all-out, as they have been known to do for the last several years. Behold this year’s get-up. Klum is dressed “an alien transformer,” and Seal is the Silver Surfer, though that belt is definitely not canon.

Elaborate, non-skanky costumes are awesome, but I’m partial to the homemade kind, no matter what. This amazing Tauntaun costume, complete with stilts, is an all-time great, and it’s impossible not to love this little kid dressed as Robocop. On the celebrity front, Kyle MacLachlan gets high marks.

What were the best costumes you saw out and about, PopWatchers?