Image Credit: Brooke PalmerThe Saw franchise’s swan song held a captive audience on Friday, as Saw 3D drained $10.7 million, according to early estimates. (More specifically, the film made $9 million Friday and $1.7 million from late-night Thursday screenings). By comparison, Saw II through Saw V all registered larger opening days, but Saw 3D did manage to trump Saw VI‘s $7 million opening from last year. According to Lionsgate, Saw 3D — the supposed last entry in the seven-film horror series — earned 93 percent of its Friday figure from 3-D showings. The movie’s weekend tally will almost certainly be front-loaded since the series’ die-hard fans likely rushed out to see Saw 3D on Friday (or late Thursday night), and many young adults should be occupied the rest of the weekend with Halloween festivities. As a result, expect the flick to drop on Saturday and Sunday (something every Saw movie has done its debut weekend) and finish the weekend with around $22 million.

Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 2 plummeted 71 percent from its massive $20.1 million opening last Friday, earning an estimated $5.8 million yesterday. Figure a weekend total of about $16 million, which will bring the film’s two-week tally to just over $65 million. All eyes will now be watching to see whether Paranormal 2 can match the original film’s final gross of $107.9 million. In third place, Summit’s Red continued to display remarkable resilience — the action comedy slipped only 25 percent for $3.4 million. Jackass 3D didn’t show the same endurance, nosediving 58 percent for a $3.1 million take. Nevertheless, the sociological experiment should pass $100 million by Sunday. And rounding out the top five was Warner Bros.’ Hereafter, which fell 49 percent for $2.1 million. Check back here on Sunday for the complete box office report.

1. Saw 3D — $10.7 mil

2. Paranormal Activity 2 — $5.8 mil

3. Red — $3.4 mil

4. Jackass 3D — $3.1 mil

5. Hereafter — $2.1 mil