Before Justin Bieber was the Justin Bieber, he was just kidrauhl, a boy singing to his computer from home. Before Greyson Chance was Ellen’s personal popstar, he was just greyson97. Indeed, more aspiring young musicians are turning to YouTube these days in order to find audiences for their music. After all, why should you play cheesy covers at your high school’s unattended open mic night when you could play cheesy covers to an online audience that will actually listen? Millions of people use YouTube every day, and many users (including yours truly) have found the website to be a treasure trove of great independent musicians. Though some of these singers possess gargantuan online fanbases, they often don’t get the media recognition that smaller, studio-supported artists might receive. Let’s change that! After the jump, check out five singer-songwriters who have made their mark on the web in the last year.

Dave Days (davedays)

Subscribers: 1,272,120

Dave Days garnered his massive popularity with a series of videos in which he sang about a cardboard cut-out of Miley Cyrus. He’s recently dropped the gimmick, though, as his brand of pop-punk tunes, which sound kind of like the Plain White T’s, do quite well on their own.

Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui (KurtHugoSchneider)

Subscribers: 341,575

Take Sam Tsui’s pipes, Kurt Schneider’s incredible production skills, and a slew of the most popular songs in America, and you’ve got a foolproof formula for success. Last month, the duo released a video for Sam Tsui’s first original single, “Don’t Want An Ending.”

Tyler Ward (TylerWardMusic)

Subscribers: 253,355

This goofy singer/producer-extraordinaire has been zooming up YouTube’s rankings all year. His irresistibly fun cover videos feature a “crew” of familiar faces joking around in the studio, and his jovial disposition seasons his own music with a wholesomeness not often heard in love songs.

Kina Grannis (kinagrannis)

Subscribers: 215,714

There is perhaps no other musician on YouTube quite as polished as the quirky songbird Kina Grannis. Her charming lilt, high quality videos, and dedication to her fans has earned her a very solid fanbase. So solid, in fact, that she’s been able to tour the States for the past few months.

Julia Nunes (jaaaaaaaa)

Subscribers: 178,994

This deep-voiced, unguarded ukulele player is an editing marvel, peppering her videos with self-harmonizations, instrumental flourishes, and quirkiness to boot. Whether she’s singing covers (like the killer one below) or tunes off either of her albums, her raw, soulful tone shines.

What do you think, Music-Mixers? Do you find your new music on YouTube? Do you have any favorite YouTube singers? Let us know in the comments!

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