Image Credit: LandovHe aired on TV from 1978-82 and is about to return to the big screen for yet a third time, but there are plenty of people in Hollywood who think The Hulk can still stage a comeback to the small screen. To wit: Some reports suggested that the newly-launched TV arm of Disney-owned Marvel is high on developing the franchise for another run in prime time. Insiders caution to EW that any speculation about the return of the big green man is premature, though interest from ABC is apparently there. But for right now, there is no script and certainly no modern-day Bill Bixby to assume the high-profile role.

EW has been told that Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb (you’ll know him as the comic book writer who, together with Jesse Alexander, brought us the best years of Heroes) is on the lookout for a genre scribe who can reboot the franchise for today’s TV audiences. Rumor has it that Damon Lindelof (Lost) is among the writers on his wish list, though the Hollywood Reporter said Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick was also looking to pitch a take.

Even if we don’t see a new version of a Hulk TV series by next season – if at all – the promise of Marvel looking to expand its sphere of influence into TV is an exciting development, especially given all the titles (obscure or otherwise) that the company has at its disposal. Says Comic-Con marketing head David Glanzer, “I am excited at the prospect of comics getting more exposure on television. However, for me, storylines are critical. As a fan I want substance more than flash.”