We’ve already seen some excellent suggestions for TV, movie, and reality stars who haven’t gotten their due share of attention this year. Of course, these injustices happen across all entertainment media. So here’s another question: Who are the most under-appreciated music acts of 2010?

I nominate OutKast’s Big Boi. His long-awaited solo debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot, got tons of well-earned rave reviews when it finally arrived in stores this June. Then it basically faded from view after selling an underwhelming62,000 copies in its first week. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an outrage! Sir Lucious Left Foot is, top to bottom, one of the most innovative, ambitious, and downright fun hip-hop releases of the year. We should still be talking about it right now. The album’s weak sales are even more confounding considering what a huge commercial draw OutKast was at its height.

Speaking of solo debuts, I don’t think Radiohead drummer Philip Selway‘s solo debut, Familial, got nearly enough love this summer. Selway’s hushed, eerie folk tunes were a revelation after years of hearing him keep the beat in his main gig. Back on the pop side, I know many people feel that American Idol alum Allison Iraheta didn’t deserve to lose her record deal last month. And surely Robyn has cranked out enough undeniable jams this year — two Body Talk albums in four months! — to be a legit dance-pop star by now.

You get the idea. Now tell us what you think. Which musicians have been criminally overlooked in 2010? Let’s hear it!

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