'Glee' stars make headlines after a racy shoot in 'GQ,'


Hey, Parents Television Council: We hereby declare ourselves morally outraged by your moral outrage. This so-called ”nonpartisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment” seems more concerned with getting headlines than exercising responsibility itself, as evidenced by their denouncement last week of a GQ photo shoot featuring three Glee stars. Even though the debate had nothing to do with TV content, and even less to do with media aimed at kids, they hijacked the discussion with their assertions that the shoot ”borders on pedophilia.” I myself argued against the photos’ sexist setup (crotch shots, lollipops, and underwear for Lea Michele; sweaters and ties for Cory Monteith). Yet I resented the way the PTC derailed the discussion, making it easy to scoff away any criticism of the pictorial as crazy talk of the same ilk. Of course it’s not pedophilia, but it is misogynist trash that undermines the empowerment messages Glee preaches. With the PTC losing funding and power, could it be time for a truly nonpartisan organization that would advocate rationally for conscientious entertainment? Until then, we’ll be tuning out the outrage.

The Week in Kanye
With My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropping Nov. 22, West has been everywhere lately. We ranked his wild week, from outrageous to artistic.

Diamond Teeth West showed off his glam new choppers during an Oct. 19 appearance on Ellen. ”I just thought that diamonds were cooler,” he told the disbelieving host.

Grammy slam
In an Oct. 20 Access Hollywood chat, he argued that Taylor Swift, Ray Charles, and others didn’t really deserve Album of the Year trophies.

”Banned art”
West posted a risqué cover image for his album on Twitter Oct. 17, implying that Walmart wouldn’t let him use it. (Walmart denied this.)

Multiple covers
Refusing to be discouraged, West told MTV News Oct. 19 that he’s planning five alternate covers for the album.

Artistic: Runaway film
This dreamy 35-minute short about a phoenix-woman, complete with awesome new Kanye tunes, aired Oct. 23 on MTV. — Simon Vozick-Levinson

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