''Pariah,'' ''The Living Dead 2,'' and more of fall's newest books of the undead


Pariah Bob Fingerman
Finally, a zombie novel with both brain food and brains as food. In this well- written sociological examination, set almost entirely in a single apartment building, Fingerman borrows more from the, ahem, biting cultural satire of George A. Romero than the recent trend of undead mix-and-matching.
Useful zombie survival tip A pair of Big-and-Tall overalls stuffed with babies’ onesies can make astonishingly effective anti-zombie armor. A-

The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten Harrison Geillor
There are no prizes for guessing the conceit in this genre-splicing effort, although the presumably pseudonymous ”Geillor” ultimately, and wisely, tips his hat more to Stephen King than Garrison Keillor.
Useful zombie survival tip If you’re a serial killer, do not bury your victims in the cellar. B+

The Living Dead 2 Edited by John Joseph Adams
This anthology of zombie short stories boasts nicely unpleasant contributions from World War Z author Max Brooks and Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead comic.
Useful zombie survival tip Kirkman’s tale makes abundantly clear why your girlfriend doesn’t need to know that you let her old squeeze become zombie chow. B

Handling the Undead John Ajvide Lindqvist
Let the Right One In author Lindqvist offers a melancholic take on the zombie genre in which the residents of Stockholm must deal with ”reliving” — though mostly harmless — loved ones.
Useful zombie survival tip When dispatching even mostly harmless zombies, it’s always best to be sober. B-