Image Credit: Phil McCarten/FoxYesterday, you logged onto PopWatch in droves to tell us who you thought deserved the title of 2010’s most under-appreciated TV and movie actors. Well, now it’s time to tell us who you think should be crowned the most under-appreciated reality personality of 2010. As So You Think You Can Dance‘s resident recapper, it’s tough for me to avoid nominating the fantastic Cat Deeley, whose cheery demeanor and unabashed love for the contestants has given us, well, Cat Deeley chills season after season. Yet, the host has yet to be awarded for her more-than-respectable duties on the series. As I’ve said, so you think you can snub her, Emmy?!

Also, some other of my favorite cast-aside reality personalities of the year: the consistently funny Wipeout co-host John Henson, the fabulously bitchy Olivia Palermo in the now-dearly departed The City (R.I.P.), the deviously and deliciously annoying Matt Hoffman (would the The Brigade’s three other cardboard cut-outs have been as entertaining without him?), and, yes, the incessantly belittled Angelina Pivarnick — a.k.a. the hero of Jersey Shore, according to recapper Darren Franich — who single-handedly turned season 2 of the MTV series into the dramah-tic mess it needed to be.

Who do you think is the most under-appreciated reality personality of 2010, PopWatchers? Still insist that American Idol‘s Tim Urban will one day be a chart-topper? That the much-hated Coach is one of Survivor‘s finest — and most entertaining — players? That Enthusiastic Chimes Lady is headed towards reality TV domination? As Deeley would say, you be the jidge!

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