By Catherine Fuentes
Updated October 29, 2010 at 08:25 PM EDT

The McRib, the only fast food sandwich I know with a cult following, is returning to McDonald’s starting Nov. 2. Even though the McRib Locator has already documented some McRib sightings this season, it will officially be everywhere on the 2nd, which, as Stephen Colbert pointed out to The Colbert Report viewers last night, also happens to be Election Day.

Considering Election Day will be the first time the McRib has been featured at every McDonald’s store nationwide in 16 years — and may be the last time — Colbert is quick to point out that this clearly is a political move. In a clip montage, the host shows how this innocent, limited edition sandwich has become such a political pawn in the “concerted effort from liberals to suppress Republican turnout” at the polls on Election Day. As Colbert accurately argues, “You can’t turn out to vote if you’re waiting in line for a McRib.” (The L.A. Times points out that President Obama has a “proclivity for participating in fast food snacks,” and notes that the President might appreciate the sandwich, but not for the reasons Colbert argued.) See clip embedded after the jump.

I’ve never eaten a McRib, and despite always being slightly curious as to what this sandwich could possibly taste like, my knowledge of the McRib is limited to pop culture. I’ve seen it parodied on The Simpsons, mentioned on How I Met Your Mother, and most recently, seen chosen on Raising Hope as a last meal. Now that Colbert has brought it into the nation’s political discussion, this may be the year I finally give it a try… but only after I vote.

PopWatchers, are you excited for the brief return of the McRib?

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