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Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBSKatee Sackhoff debuted on last night’s CSI in the potentially-recurring role of Detective Frankie Reed. Her hair was dyed a dark shade of red — leading to a brief moment of Ginger Dominion when she shared a scene with Marg Helgenberger — and she was in full-on take-no-prisoners mode. Describing a victim, Reed said, “His card says investment strategist. Hole in his head says Exit Strategy.” Hey, coming from Sackhoff, it sounded funny. Can she become a CSI full-timer, like, now?

Sackhoff didn’t have a whole lot to do last night, but she played well off the twisty plot. Nick recognized the dead man — he was the father of a missing girl the CSI team had searched for (without success) years earlier. Two girls had gone missing that day … and the dead man had started an extra-marital affair with the other girl’s mother. The best moment of the episode came when the CSI team broke into the mother’s house: Reed deadpanned, “I’ve been working on my sensitivity,” right before she kicked the door in.

Sackhoff’s had a tough year. Her character Dana was pretty much universally despised on 24, and then she ditched a recurring role on True Blood for a procedural show that never made it past the pilot stage. Personally, I think it’s in CSI‘s interest to nail her down for a regular role. I’m predisposed to enjoy CSI: Original Blend, but last night’s B-plot — an extended commercial for Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular in which a girl was driven into a homicidal sexual rage by a T-Rex robot — seems to indicate that the show could use some new blood.

What did you think about Sackhoff on CSI, PopWatchers? Is red hair the new fake-brunette?

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