By Catherine Fuentes
Updated October 29, 2010 at 10:25 PM EDT

Image Credit: Gerardo Mora/WireImage.comCanada’s most popular teen import will be joining forces with America’s pastime on Saturday night. Yes, PopWatchers, Justin Bieber will be sharing some of that prime World Series airtime on Saturday night at 6:30 p.m. to premiere his brand-new music video for “Never Say Never” during Game 3’s pre-show footage. (Apparently, his video is a direct response to my belief that Bieber and baseball fever would never mix.) With 14.1 million viewers tuning into Game 2, the video will premiere to quite a large audience — good news for Bieber and his die-hard fans.

Perhaps knowing that this video would receive such a prominent premiere, Bieber has a very visible baseball theme in the video, as it was shot at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif. But Bieber’s not picking sides: The heartthrob will be wearing gear from both the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. If you’re looking for more pop stars at the October classic, Kelly Clarkson will also sing the National Anthem before the game.

Are you excited for the Justin Bieber video premiere tomorrow night, PopWatchers? Or do you just care about the big game?

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