The 'Grey's Anatomy' plot that never was. Plus, scoop on 'Modern Family' and 'Bones'

By Michael Ausiello
October 29, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Grey’s Anatomy boss killed shocking plot

It appears Izzie Stevens has cheated death once more. In an effort to give Alex/Izzie fans some closure in the wake of Katherine Heigl’s abrupt departure last spring, Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes contemplated bringing their love story to a tragic end this season. She stops short of saying cancer survivor Izzie would’ve died off screen, but — keep reading and do the math.

”We discussed a lot of options, and the one we settled on felt like the [best idea],” she explains. ”But it also felt like the cruelest possible thing.” Ultimately Rhimes couldn’t go through with it. ”I went home and literally couldn’t sleep,” she recalls. ”It just felt so mean. Alex might have never recovered from it. And the audience who loved Izzie would’ve been devastated. So we didn’t do it.”

What now? ”I’m open to seeing Izzie again,” says Rhimes. ”So if [Katherine] were to come back, we would be thrilled to [wrap up her story]. But if she doesn’t, we’ll just move on.”


Gleeful holidays

The mystery surrounding the identity of Kurt’s new boyfriend on Glee has been revealed — in the song list for the show’s upcoming Christmas album! The disc (out Nov. 16) features the cast singing 12 holiday classics. Track No. 4 caught our eye: It’s an update of ”Baby, It’s Cold Outside” sung by Chris Colfer and new cast member Darren Criss.

24‘s Chloe clocks in to Family

Modern Family‘s Mitchell has a skeleton in his closet, and she looks a lot like 24‘s Chloe O’Brian. Mary Lynn Rajskub drops by the hit comedy in mid-November as an ex of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s gay lawyer. ”She dated Mitchell in high school, and they may have done the nasty,” says Rajskub with a chuckle. ”But he broke her heart.” Mitchell reconnects with her while out shopping with his beau, Cam. ”It’s awkward,” she hints. ”But [it’s clear] Cam knew about her because he goes, ‘Oh, this is the Tracy.”’ Rajskub insists Tracy is nothing like neurotic Chloe. ”Tracy is just a normal lady,” she says. ”A normal lady who would sleep with this guy who was gay and then become completely emotionally attached to him. Okay, maybe she’s a little neurotic.”

Bones gets a possible spin-off

Fox is looking to expand the Bones franchise with a spin-off that revolves around an eccentric recluse who can find anything. The character, loosely based on the central figure in Richard Greener’s Locator novels, will be introduced in an early-2011 episode of Bones. ”He crossed paths with Booth in the Army, and there’s no love lost between them,” explains exec producer Stephen Nathan. ”This guy was responsible for finding Saddam Hussein, but he [later] suffered some brain damage from a roadside bomb. He’s still brilliant, but he lives in isolation.” Whether the project gets a series green light will largely depend on who ends up getting cast as the lead. ”The episode shoots in early December,” says Nathan. ”So it’s going to have to happen in the next few weeks.”