October 27, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s been a rather intense season of TV so far. We’ve had shocking deaths, complicated plots of revenge, and wild cliffhangers. Thanks to these startling moments (and many others), I’ve spent probably 70 percent of my time since premiere week clutching my imaginary pearls. But it wasn’t until today that I realized something was missing from all of this. An appropriate sound effect! Enter Inception button, an addicting three-second ride of intensity and horror. (Click here to get totally addicted.)

Funny thing is that when I pressed the button, I didn’t think of Inception at all. I thought of TV. Specifically, I thought of this week’s Supernatural, when Sam watched as Dean got turned into a vampire. He just stood there! (Clearly, I won’t be getting over this any time soon.) He didn’t use his bulging muscles to wrestle the vamp away. He didn’t make any attempt to hack fangy’s face off. Nothing. He just stood there and smirked maliciously! If there was ever a time for the Inception button, it was then.

What about you, PopWatchers? Press the button, and tell me what TV moment popped into your head. Um, unless you actually think of Inception. In which case, congratulations on your sanity.

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