Image Credit: Stephen VaughanSince those last series of images in The Dark Knight, when a now-fugitive Batman sped away into the shadows, I’ve been desperately awaiting details about where we’ll find our caped crusader next. How will Batman operate as a vigilante wanted for murder? Who will be his next nemesis? Is there another girl in his future?

With four words yesterday, Christopher Nolan scratched — well, tickled — my growing itch: The Dark Knight Rises. The director told The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog that he’s settled on a title that, on the surface, doesn’t sound nearly as dark as the second film actually was. Nolan must’ve been feeling generous, because he also crossed the Riddler off the list of potential villains in the third film. (Yay!) So where does that leave us, Batfans? Which comic book baddie are you now expecting to see in The Dark Knight Rises? Does the rumor that Nolan’s interviewing young actresses make you purrrrrrrrrr? Does that title give you any feel for where the film might go?

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