If history has proven anything, it is that handing over immunity to the opposition is never a good idea. Erik gave his to Natalie in Micronesia, and she promptly voted him out. J.T. gave his to Russell — who was on the other tribe! — in Heroes vs Villains, and it was used later to send him home. Tonight on Survivor: Nicaragua, another person mulled over parting with their immunity. Did it lead to their untimely demise? My full recap will be up at midnight (UPDATE: Dalton’s full Survivor recap is now live), but if you’ve already watched and can’t wait to sound off about what happened and who went home, then read on after the jump for more! [SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.]

After losing the immunity challenge — and having to endure swimming through Fabio’s urine in the reward challenge — La Flor came up with a plan to split the votes so they could flush Marty’s idol and vote out Jill. But then Sash came up with an even better plan: to somehow convince Marty to hand him his hidden immunity idol. Ignoring both common sense and the concept of risk versus reward, Marty indeed handed over the idol to his enemy. And while he was not voted out — Jill was sent home instead — he certainly could have been, and now the opposition is in possession of the idol. (No way in a million years does Sash give that idol back to Marty, no matter what he promised.)

What’s your take? Is Marty crazy, or just gullible? And does anyone actually think it is acceptable to pee in a pool of water? (Not the ocean, mind you, but a small, contained pool.) Hit the message boards and let us know. But first, make sure to check out my pregame interview with Jill below, as well as the most recent installment of the TV Insiders podcast. And for more reality ramblings, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.