Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Image Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR PhotosIs Zach Galifianakis in the upcoming Muppet movie? Robert Downey Jr. spilled the beans during a promo interview for Due Date, but Galifianakis’ manager tells EW that the actor is “talking about it.” Please oh please let those talks work out!

Here’s what we know so far: Jason Segel wrote the movie with Nick Stoller, a former Undeclared writer who also directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall and wrote and directed Get Him to the Greek; the movie stars Segel and a new Muppet named Walter as they try to save the Muppet studio; Amy Adams will probably play Segel’s girlfriend. So far, so awesome.

Zach Galifianakis has already done a little bit of work with the Muppets in that staring contest video from June, and if that means Ira Glass and the guys from OK Go are also in the movie, I am totally fine with that.

I’m hoping that Ed Helms and Steve Martin play in a banjo trio with Kermit — Martin’s episode of The Muppet Show is one of my favorites (especially the “Dueling Banjos” with the Jug Band), and Helms needs a better outlet for his musical skills than just The Office.

Whom do you want to see in the new Muppet movie, PopWatchers?