By Darren Franich
Updated October 26, 2010 at 03:30 PM EDT

Hawaii Five-O

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBSThere’s an old rule of drama that states, “If a gun gets introduced in the first act, it has to go off by the third act.” Well, last night Hawaii Five-0 taught us a similar, but rather more awesomer, rule: “If Kevin Sorbo gets introduced in the first act, he’s guaranteed to be a suspect by the end.” The onetime Hercules shared the cameo spotlight with YouTube phenomenon Aidan Laprete Powell, who serenaded Kona and her hippie crush. (Hippies are evil, but he owns a sniper rifle, so we’ll allow it.) Also, Steve and Chin Ho rode dirt bikes, Pearl Harbor was referenced, and the episode began with that truly rare type of murder where every single witness is wearing a bikini (see picture above.) The victim was shot on a surfboard, and Chin Ho made a special point of noting that he fell “Back…and to the left.” A double reference to JFK and Seinfeld? 90’sgasm! Also, when Steve and Danno interrogated a couple of suspects, there was a rainbow shining over the city behind them. A FRICKING RAINBOW.

Alas, Five-0 players went home empty-handed last night, just one car crash (or O’Loughlin chest sighting) away from a Bingo. Check out the board after the jump.

Image Credit: CBS

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