By Mandi Bierly
October 26, 2010 at 04:40 PM EDT
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Before the first steps had been taken in the ballroom this season, 53 percent of PopWatchers picked Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough as the favorites to take home the mirrorball trophy. The couple has lived up to the hype, but in recent weeks, Grey has begun stumbling on the dance floor. At the very end of last night’s Rock Week paso doble to Pink’s “So What” (watch it below), she lost her balance on a turn, then her timing, and propelled herself down to Derek’s knee after the music had ended (but right on cue with some dramatic puffs of steam that complemented the pyrotechnics!). The judges pounced. Now, I agree that her angry paso doble wasn’t as visually stunning as it could’ve been — her legs did look a bit weird as she stomped her way across the dance floor — but a 6, Carrie Ann? I can’t figure that out. Carrie Ann seemed… overly angry. It was as though she took it personally that the contestant she openly admitted was this season’s “Chosen One” had the nerve to screw up. “Jennifer, you need to calm down a little bit. You were out of control,” she said, way to seriously for a celebrity dance competition.* As Annie Barrett noted in her recap, “I had trouble telling whether Jen’s facial expression during the dance conveyed anger or pain, but I’m not sure I saw that.” Carrie Ann continued, telling Jennifer that she should know her limits next time, and try to stay in them. Len and Bruno each gave the couple a 7: Len was the most levelheaded, explaining that the paso is about balance and while Jennifer had the attack, aggression, and attitude, she sacrificed control of her movements; Bruno likened her to a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Jennifer and Derek accepted their marks. Do you think they deserved them? What would you have scored them? And has Jennifer slipping on the leaderboard made you more or less likely to vote for her? 

* She could have said that to Derek after he grabbed his crotch during the dance marathon.

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